Africa: False Zero – or Are the Corporations Really Trying to Save the Planet?

The net of net zero is composed of restored nature which will take back the fossil carbon that BP sucks from beneath the earth and burns into the sky. And then there’s the net zero from Shell and Total, from every mining house, from cement and steel makers, from shining corporate buildings, from Bunge and the supermarket giants, from ships and aeroplanes, from Humvees, tanks, gunships and rockets to Mars…

“Net Zero” is the mantra for global corporates who at least want to pretend to have a climate response and some who see that the end of the road is nigh. It is now faithfully echoed in South African boardrooms and repeated even in Cabinet rooms. It signals a new spring season in society’s response to the climate crisis following the long winter of misinformation, obstruction, obfuscation, secrecy, lies and bully tactics that are the stuff of business as usual.

It is not the first such spring with crowds in the streets chanting in time with the alarms ringing out from climate science. And, like previous spring seasons, it needs nipping in the bud before an adequate climate response threatens the bottom lines. Net zero, then, may be just the…

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