Africa: Philanthropy Cannot Be Divorced From Environmental and Climate Justice

The power of philanthropic endowments is that pressure can be brought to bear as to what damage their recommended share investments are doing to our world and communities. It is simply more than ridiculous to invest in a company that damages the environment and then to use income from that investment to try and fix the problem.

For many, the existing crisis is a health crisis and an economic crisis. But in reality, we have to look further and it is no doubt a crisis related to environmental degradation that has led to this and future problems that humankind will face. We have become so extractive and divorced from the world in which we live that we have almost ruined those assets that sustain us – the air, the soil, water, the land, plants and forests, and most forms of animal life. In our greed to live a life bigger and better, we have eroded our own humanity.

According to the Global Footprint Network, we are “stripping the earth of its natural resources at a rate that’s increasingly leaving the planet barren and inhospitable”. Our governments have instituted systems of carbon trading to mitigate part of the problem, but as…

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