Are we all born intelligent and genuises?


Are we all born intelligent and geniuses?

Maybe or maybe not!

A 9 year old primary school pupil was tested in maths and comparing his results to the result of a student in first year secondary school who took the same test…this 9 year old did way better than the student! And yet this 9 year old class 4 pupil was known to have serious problems with his reading and grammar! Does that make him intelligent than everyone else because he excelled in maths test alone?

History has told us that Albert Einstein who later in his life became known as a genius in physics and maths…was known to be somewhat dyslexic in basic school! So can we say that because an individual could not read faster like other children…they are not intelligent enough?!

We were all born with certain amount of talents and skills which when REALIZED in time and USED WISELY…can turn us into INTELLIGENT BEINGS!
So….my definition for INTELLIGENCE OR BEING INTELLIGENT…is simply about HOW YOU USE YOUR MIND…and every talent, gift and skills you were born with and/ or acquired in life…WISELY to give you leverage over others as well as to BENEFIT others…
So, from this definition you will have learned that being INTELLIGENT is a HOLISTIC/ WHOLISTIC THING…since it mainly about what you have and/ or have acquired through LIFE EXPERIENCES..and how you utilise it to help yourself and others!

Again, what you may have learned from my little lecture is…being intelligent…is not only about how much you know alone…is also about what you do with what you know…for the good of humanity and life!

Being intelligent is…not just about how good you lie and deceive others or…how greedy and selfish you are TRYING TO GRAB OR CLAIM EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF..
Our Lord Jesus and other great leaders who taught us about the way to GODLINESS AND GOD CONSCIOUSNESS emphasised on the need to DESIST FROM SELFISH DEEDS and demonstrate LOVE TO THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL! This is deep intelligence that the world to this day…HAVE NOT COMPREHENDED!

Being intelligent is not only about how good you were at high school and university…BUT ALSO about your social skills, about how you deal with difficult matters such conflicts…how you can draw a line between dealing with a family member and someone outside your family when it comes to settling disputes….etc etc etc..

If you are one of those who think that…going to the so-called GOOD SCHOOL gives one all the intelligence in the world…then I am sorry to disappoint you…THAT IS NOT ENTIRELY CASE..
You can be given all the best education in the world…but when you fail to use your mind to put that education into good use…it does not account for very much….in my books…

Someone was determined to become a MEDICAL DOCTOR she did not do well in her high school maths and sciences…that did not faze her off…she went to another school and worked very hard…and this time passed her exams and eventually went to university to become a DOCTOR..
Because the desire, passion and zeal to become a doctor was burning in her…she never gave up the idea of becoming a doctor! She combined her basic intelligence with her bad experience in the past coupled with her desire and passion to become a doctor…an intelligent she achieve everything she needed to BECOME AN ALL-ROUND INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING..

So, becoming a doctor in itself did not make her the most intelligent…BUT HOW SHE MANAGED TO TURN HER BAD EXPERIENCES INTO GOOD USE…TO ACHIEVE HER DREAM JOB!

This also means intelligence has something to do with the environment you live in…and how much opportunities you are given to EXCEL AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS! AND HOW YOU CAN TURN YOUR BAD EXPERIENCES INTO GOOD USE!



Have a wonderful day…and join me to bring mental revolution into our world…for a better future!


Dr. Richard Eghan

Columnist Mo Africa

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