Are we getting old too prematurely these days?


A man walked into my office one morning in London to discuss a health condition that was terribly bothering him. The man looked like someone in his mid or late 40’s but it turned out that he was only 35!

At 35, he was almost fully greyed, part of his frontal head was somewhat bald…and his face was a bit wrinkled for his age!
Apparently, the young man was gainfully employed in one of the big investment banks in the city…right after university 10 years ago…

It turns out that this man only gets about 5 hours sleep per night on average….comes home late…eats very late…and jumps out of bed when the clock strikes its bells as early as 5am! He needs to do these things and plan his life this way…to avoid the morning traffic not to mention, being able to start early to meet some tight deadlines at work! Among other things..

From what I learned from this gentleman, I realized his life was a big vroom on a highway!…speedy, stressful and restless! A BIG RECIPE FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES AND ALL THE LIFE-STYLE RELATED YOU CAN THINK OF! AND A SHORT LIFE-SPAN!

Life expectancy has changed these days because people have changed the way they live their lives…and the pressure on us to live up to some expectations in life, family responsibilities and tight deadlines at work…is such that it has become inescapable and indubitable fact that many will become too old before the time nature intended! And reduce some part of their life span as a result of these unhealthy lifestyle habits!

The mind plays a significant role in whether we are ageing faster or slow…and we can use the same mind to reverse or slow the ageing process. Also, emotional factors such anger and distress can put on our faces some form of fine lines and deep wrinkles normally seen people in the 6th decade of their lives!

Scientists have also found a link between premature ageing and EXCESSIVE drinking and smoking…and unhealthy lifestyle factors such as binge eating, eating and drinking alcohol late in the night…and not having enough sleep and rest!

The process of ageing refers to the decay of an organism’s structure and function, in which molecular modifications can have various effects at the individual level over the course of a lifetime.

Intrinsic healthy ageing means we start seeing some slight biological and physical changes in our body as well as some alterations in our musculo-skeletal system (to mention but a few) nearly around the 3rd or 4th decade of our existence on this planet…it might occur earlier in certain people or genotypes..though!

Premature ageing what can be said to be directly antonymous with the normal intrinsic ageing process. And what I saw in that young man in my clinic tells you whatever you need to know about someone who is growing old faster than what his body can cope with…

Genetic factors such as TELOMERE SHORTENING in cell ageing is a causal factor in premature ageing too not to mention living in an UNHEALTHY HOUSE OR NEIGHBOURHOOD, living in places surrounded by electric smog or too much electro-magnetism, living in places with excessive GEOPATHIC STRESS… LIVING IN ABJECT POVERTY and living in places full of too much noise and air pollution.

By: Richard Eghan( Mo Africa Columnist)
Integrative physician and Life Scientist.

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