As an African Journalist from Ghana, I’m deeply worried over the weakness of media reportage in Africa about the Coronavirus pandemic.
Journalists in Africa I suppose are more than ready to report from every corner on the continent the impact of the COVID-19 however, they are woefully handicapped.

I humbly suggest to the Africa Union to consider the establishment of an AFRICA MEDIA POWERHOUSE that is well equipped with both Human and Material Resources to feed the continent with accurate and timely information in times of Continental pandemic as being experience.

Western Media is reporting extensively on the Covid-19 highlighting critical measures by their governments in fighting the pandemic.

Africa is no longer a NEWS INTEREST subject notwithstanding the fact COVID-19 is a global pandemic.

Africa has competent Journalists to deliver same reportage on Covid-19! Time to reflect on a CONTINENTAL MEDIA POWER HOUSE.

Jacob Quarm

Mo Africa UK

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