Depression…A more common condition than you think!


Someone I met once upon a time, spoke to me about his ordeal and harrowing experiencing when he once lived in a horrible neighbourhood where some neighbours saw a great deal of pleasure to torture decent human beings with all sorts of anti-social behaviours. He cited one particular neighbour who lived above his flat…who could terrify him with terrible noise from music and other noise related activities almost every night and on weekends! He called that experience…a hell on earth! And thought that…that neighbour’s entire behaviour was tantamount to someone with SERIOUS mental problems!

This decent man and person with refreshing candour told me he will never forget this horrible experience in his life which nearly tipped him over the edge and made him very miserable! And also added that he believes many people who take the pleasure in hurting other people may themselves be suffering a TORTURE OR TORMENT in their minds…and use those behaviours to cover up their own WEAKNESSES…And I told him Sir, you could be right…because mental problems such as DEPRESSION have become more common in this century than anyone can imagine!

Depression, according to Psychiatrist or Psychotherapists is a cruel mental and psychological problems that can affect ANYONE. Depression comes in different degrees or levels…it may be in mild or major forms. Major depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you feel about life in general. Having a hopeless or hopeless outlook is the most common symptoms of depression.

Depression and low self esteem go hand -in- hand. Low self-esteem leaves individual vulnerable to depression. Depression batters self- esteem. Depression often distorts thinking, making a once confident person FEEL INSECURE, HATEFUL, negative and self-loathing..

While depression has not been shown to directly cause ANXIETY, the two conditions often occur or exist together.

Symptoms of Anxiety can include…nervousness, or feeling tense, feeling of danger, panic or dread with rapid heartbeat! To mention but a few…and depression share some of these symptoms if not all!
Many depressed people may have symptoms with persistent IRRITABILITY AND ANGER, escapist or risky behaviour and substance abuse…
Depression affects people in different ways..

DEPRESSION IS SAID TO AFFECT 1 IN 10 PEOPLE ACROSS THE WORLD CURRENTLY…which means this condition is more common than you can imagine…in its mild or severe forms!

The cause or causes of depression ranges from hereditary or genetic factors according to researchers. But it is believed that the studies of genetics of depression is in its early stages.

Hormonal and chemical factors are known to be some of the causal factors as well as poor thyroid functioning, having low levels of vitamin B12…not to mention lifestyle factors such as POOR NUTRITION AND DIETARY FACTORS…POOR SLEEP PATTERNS AND SLEEP INADEQUACY mention but a few!



Author: Dr. Richard Eghan( The CHANGEMAKER)

Mo Africa Columnist
Nature’s Green Medical Centre..
0044 7904603418
0044 7438094142

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