Diaspora: MCP Wing Commends Chakwera and Chilima over historic alliance pact

The MCP UTM alliance was sealed today at Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe. It was a colourful event that not only dominated the social media , but had the whole country glued to their TVs and radio to hear what the key players in the alliance were to say. Th event has received a number of reviews already but one group which has not missed words but speak highly of the ceremony is the diaspora Chapter of Malawi Congress Party .

In an interview with the Deputy leader of Malawi Congress Party diaspora Wing Allan Mandindi, he said the chapter had faith in the party in Malawi that they will come up with a decision that will be better for the members of the party and for all Malawians.

“Todays event has summed up the faith that we have in the leadership of Dr Lazarus Chakwera, People were running out of patience saying the deal was taking forever but we knew something big was coming” said Mandindi.

The signing of the alliance saw leaders from the other coalition partners deliver their speeches endorsing the alliance. Former President and leader of Peoples party Dr Joyce Banda took time to thank Chakwera and Chilima for humbling themselves and deciding to work together for the betterment of Malawi. The former leader went on to declare that the alliance is the work of God who has brought all these leaders to work together. Other alliance partners that were represented at the event were Enock Chihana, leader of Aford, Khumbo Kachali of Freedom Party, Prof Chisi of Umodzi party , George Mnesa of Mafunde and Mark Katsonga of PPM.

MCP Diaspora Deputy Leader Allan Mandindi
The MCP diaspora deputy leader Mandindi described the signing in ceremony as not only just historical but the beginning of a new Malawi . He described todays event as the beginning of the end of President Mutharika and DPP regime “Today we witnessed the beginning of change as demonstrated by our leaders. The only way Malawi can progress and people start seeing change is only by bridging gaps that divides us as Malawians. Chilima and Chakwera and alliance partners have one mission and that is to end nepotism, corruption, end hunger and bring oneness to the nation “

Mandindi said the MCP Diaspora leadership will work on reaching out to the diaspora wings of the alliance partners to establish ways on how they can work together. “We are already in contact with our UTM diaspora wing groups and all we need is just to establish a working relationship that will take us to the elections and to the time when we will be in government together”.

MCP diaspora Wing works as the arm of the party and has members all over the world who link up together as MCP diaspora network.


Source: Durell Namasani


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