GeForce Now launches on Chromebooks making it a cheap gaming laptop

Nvidia’s impressive GeForce Now game streaming service is now available as a beta on Chromebooks.This will allow cheap laptops to run some of the most graphically intensive games in the world which could spell bad news for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The potential to turn a Chromebook into a gaming device sounds very exciting.GAMING EXPERIENCE TO RIVAL NEXT GEN CONSOLESNvidia has promised that when Cyberpunk 2077 launches later this year it will be available to play on launch day on GeForce Now.GeForce Now is free to join, and you can use games you already bought from stores such as Steam and Epic Games Store. If you have a Chromebook it means you can get play without spending anything. You are however limited to one-hour play sessions at a time.There is also a Founder’s membership subscription for $4.90 (R84,86) which extends the session length and enables features exclusive to Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards. This includes ray tracing for realistic lighting effects.If GeForce Now works as advertised it means you will get a gaming experience that could rival the next gen consoles for a lot less money.GAMING CHROMEBOOKSThe best Chromebooks are excellent laptops for students as they are relatively cheap and perform well due to the lightweight Chrome OS operating system. They are also often more secure than Windows laptops and their batteries last much longer as well.GeForce Now remains one of the best game streaming services due to Nvidia’s impressive technology. The service currently supports over 650 games including 70 free to play games.The fact that you can play games you already bought rather than having to re-buy them like with Google Stadia, makes it a great choice for people with a large collection of PC games.PLAY GAMES ON CHROMEBOOKNvidia also announced its adding Steam Game Sync which will automatically add a user’s Steam games to GeForce Now.If you want to play GeForce Now games on a Chromebook, type in in the Chrome address bar and log in. There is no need to download any additional apps.This content has been created as part of our freelancer relief programme. We are supporting journalists and freelance writers impacted by the economic slowdown caused by #lockdownlife.If you are a freelancer looking to contribute to The South African, read more here.Help support journalists, the guardians of independent journalism, through our student media initiative that gives a voice to students and their generation! Find out more…
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