Mental revolution means Human revolution

When I watched the interview of Dr. Arikana (if I got the name right) I was very impressed with her boldness and clarity on very important facts. She wanted us to understand that Africans needs healing in the mind to be able to go forward…if I understood her well in a nutshell..

The esoteric truth I know is…The mind is a powerful tool with which many amazing things have been made! Have you ever wondered how amazing the aeroplane is and what keeps this heavy object moving in the air from one place to the other! Not to mention the skyscraper, THE CONJURING OF GOLDEN STOOL FROM THE SKY and many other amazing creation of the HUMAN BEING… and yet what we fail to realize is…ALL THESE THINGS HAPPENED BY THE POWER OF THE MIND AND HUMAN SPIRIT!

The mind was given to us humans to be used to PERFORM MARVELLOUS THINGS! The mind is meant to be our essential guide and companion to help us to live as existential beings…and help us to create our own REALITIES! So, the mind is the biggest friend you can have!
But unfortunately this powerful system called MIND can become your biggest enemy if you FAIL TO UTILIZE IT FOR THE PURPOSE IT WAS MEANT FOR..
The mind being so powerful can also be manipulated to act as a weak system which can obey stupid instructions and act accordingly..

You can become a very weak person if you allow your mind to always think that way…or allow someone else to tell you…YOU ARE WEAK! You may have asked your self this question before…WHY DOES A COUNTRY LIKE GHANA NEED FOREIGN AID WHEN IT HAS ALL THE RESOURCES TO BE A RICH AND POWERFUL NATION…and the answer to that question is simple…LET US START PLACING VALUE ON WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE…THE MIND, THE RESOURCES ETC….MAKE GOOD USE OF WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE AND STOP DEPENDING ON OTHERS…

If we decide to allow ourselves to be driven to the belief that A BLACK PERSON WAS CREATED TO DEPEND ON A WHITE OR ANY FAIR SKIN PERSON..this will become accepted by the MIND and gradually this will become the experiential reality!

The mind undoubtedly is like a horse…if you are riding this horse you need to be able to instruct, harness and DRIVE it to the exact destination you want to go…otherwise this horse will send you to any destination of its own choice! And that can be dangerous!Trust me YOU NEED TO BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MIND ALL THE TIME…OTHERWISE SOMEONE ELSE WILL USE IT FOR YOU!

Factors that can affect the power of your creative mind are mainly….the environment you live in, the people you associate with, bad neighbours, bad teachers, bad parenting and anything THAT DRIVES YOU INTO ANGER AND BITTERNESS ALL THE TIME!

I have always advised my patients to try and avoid anyone whose activities brings so much anger and bitterness to them…because anger and bitterness can DISTORT THE MIND FIELDS AND YOUR ABILITY TO THINK CREATIVELY..


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By: DR. RICHARD EGHAN( Mo Africa Columnist)
-Natures Green Medical centre, London & Accra.

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