Mysteries: A letter to Kwame Nkrumah Nzema people


A letter to the people of Nzemaland.

Some call there land, I call there home. I am a fanti from Kromantse, I was born in sekondi on AD 1987 and started my basic education there. I live with my grandparents from childhood because my parents had been transferred to ministry of Agriculture – CSIR (Aiyinase /Menzezor) area.
One day my mother visited me in sekondi and told me to join them in Aiyinase the next academic year. This news and new development came to me like a “hurricane ” because I’ve heard weird stories about the nzema people and the land. Some said at night there is a firegod (mamelake) which will consume you at odd hours of the day especially if you are a stranger. Some say if you want “juju” to kill someone either you travel to Benin Republic or Kambunle/ Basake located on the nzemaland.
That same evening I went to say goodbye to my friends in my hood about leaving sekondi to Nzemaland. I wish I never did because the stories I heard aside what I know was even worse than before. In fact it’s seems they were biding me farewell. I came back and told my mom am not going there anymore because am terrified and scared of the myth about the place.
We argued and argued and it got a point I had no choice than to go with her.
The morning came we started our journey there, as we were going I was so alert to see some mysterious creatures or wonders to confirm what I’ve heard so far. We had travelled over 2 hours and saw nothing actually. I only saw a beautiful vegetation and bush animals crossing the roads with speed. We got to a place called Ayisakro where people rushed to the car shouting “Ewulebolo” and “Akyeke”, my mom bought some for me but I refused to eat anyway because I was still not at peace with myself though my perception was changing gradually. We got to Esiama, then AB bokaso then finally Aiyinase.
We got home and my daddy of blessed memory came to welcome me into a bungalow. The whole place was covered with rubber plantations like a canopy. It’s was an Agric land so I understood that. Let me quickly add this, I saw “Ankobra river”, “river Fia”, the mangrove and “Sawoma” which history tells us was the mysterious wind that took off the hat of the great king “Kaku Ackah”. I’ve read stories about his wonders and might to fight against slavery and white supremacy. He gave the whites hot pepper soup to be able to speak nzema, funny though but we heard so.
The next day the children in the community rushed to meet me because they heard a new gigger was around from the “mines” , that was how the nzemas referred to people from takoradi, tarkwa etc….
The children were so lovely, friendly and amazing. They told me to follow them around so they can show me around. I quickly went for a bush wear and quickly followed them to the forest where they climbed “kukue” known as coconut and I really enjoyed it so much. One guy told me oil can be made from the dried ones (kukue ngole), that was the first time to hear that.
As we mingled and had fun I heard names like “blay”, “mieza” , “kpole” , “Ayaa”, “Tanoe” etc…..

I started learning the language and the first words and phrases I could learn was
1. Ez3l3 😎
2. Ale3 kpole 🤣
3. Ay3ne 🤣
4. Eti kpole 🤣
5. Mediema

The new academic year resumed and school started, I was privileged to enroll into one of the most prestigious schools called “Holy child ” in aiyinase. As for SDA school our rivals I won’t speak much about them now. My first day at school was amazing because everyone wanted to be my friend because I was an alien and couldn’t really speak the native language too well. Every tutor comes in for their subject and congratulate me. Let me quickly acknowledge some of my tutors who made me who I am today
1. Mr Robert
2. Mr Moses
3. Mr Williams (RIP)
4. Mr Amarama
5. Mr Amissah(sir whip)
6. Mrs.Elizabeth
7. Mr nyanzu

School was amazing and within few weeks I was quiet good in the language.
As time went on my mysterious perception about the people and the land gradually disappeared and I felt no place like home. I returned to sekondi on vacation to tell a story to my friends that the place is awesome and amazing. Those stories about them are fabricated lies and mind games only to disregard them. Later I realised all these story came in from the haters of the greatest star of Africa, the prophet of Africa, Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah. His opposition wanted to destroy his legacy and origin to be able to mobilise people against him. Nzema people have been the pillar of strength of our country. The land that gave birth to the greatest of all time. Let me mention a few
1. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah
2. Jewel ackah
3.kaku ackah
4. Blay mieza
5. Nana 3kye kpanyinli
6. Nana Ati brukusu
7. Paa grant
Nzemaland has gold, oil and gas, coconut, vegetation, seas, fertile lands, mangrove and rivers, wildlife etc…..
Tourist sites like Nzulezo, Nawule sanctuary, Axim fort, cape geographical lands, Ankasa forest reserve… Etc.
But am sorry to say this, aside all your natural resources “nyamenle” has blessed us with the place is one of the poorest and underdeveloped in the country which is a sad story. I lived there for over 8yrs until I left to Senior high back at takoradi. I crave for nzemaland. I love the place even more than my own homeland. The people are hospitable and nice people I must say. Full of love and assistance. The land is rich in culture and heritage, the “kundum” festival is amazing and a season to reconcile with the ancestors and to settle all disputes within the year standing. The people are peaceful and welcoming.
I never regret ever residing there and will always come back again. I’ve even decided to build a cottage there to visit a least once a year to feel at home. Unfortunately we don’t live there anymore but my spirit still lives there. I quickly joined this group because it gives me good memories of the past. I will encourage those who feels shy to say they hail from nzema. I feel proud to say I come from there even though am a fanti, but I naturalized to be Nzema.
I will encourage the youth to organise a movement or a formidable front to regenerate your homeland. Engage the influential Nzema guys out there and develop your communities. Choose the right people to represent you in parliament not those that will bribe you to elect them. I will advise the youth should choose one of your own kind and sponsor to take over power in your various constituencies. You need a revolution and am ever ready to join you guys for that.
Nyamenle 3yila nzema manle (God bless nzemaland).
My Nzema is still not perfect because a native is also a native.
Love you all………

I am a physician assistant,  medical practitioner and also chairman for Heritage Pan African Revolutionary Movement .
I greet you all in the spirit of Ubuntu which means I am because we are ✊🏿⁰


Author: Stephen  Sam Dodoo

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