Ntando Mahlangu, South Africa's new blade runner

Ntando Mahlangu went from not being able to walk to Paralympian in just four years.

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Africa: Human Trafficking and the Danger of Sensationalising Belief Over Fact

Photographs of nooses, bound hands, bruised faces and gagged mouths of women and children – with the words ‘save’, ‘innocent’, ‘bought’ or ‘sold’ – are appearing on billboards and on social and other media. This kind of imagery is sensationalist and designed to evoke a social and moral panic. They do little more than distract […]

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Somalia conflict: Al-Shabab ‘collects more revenue than government’

All major companies in Somalia give the jihadists money, both in the form of monthly payments and a yearly “zakat” (obligatory alms) of 2.5% of annual profits, says the report, which is based on interviews with al-Shabab members, Somali businesspeople, government officials and others. Source link Share this: