RIP Kofi B….Our Ghanaian highlife music legend


Now that the confirmation has come from numerous credible sources…that Kofi B…one of Ghana’s finest high life legends has fallen a prey to death…allow me to pen this tribute for this prodigious musician whose songs I have followed and enjoyed from time immemorial!

When I heard on Sunday that this man…endowed with an angelic voice that can soothe the nerves of anyone going through any terrible challenge in life…when he sings any of his beautiful songs…I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! And the more I heard about it from friends and people who knew about how much I loved his songs…the more I wanted to believe it was one of those hoax stories that come up and disappear into the mist and fog of day!

Like all the recent and past deaths of people I have known…legends I have come to adore…KOFI B’S UNTIMELY DEMISE IS ONE OF A SHOCK NEWS ITEM!

Some say he died of a heart attack…others say high blood pressure…and as a medical practitioner and life scientist…I can only believe the cause of his death if I know this from his Doctor who knew his medical and treatment history…and cause of death…
And if it is to do with blood pressure as many people are talking about then BELOVED…this condition is more common than you think! Many people have this terrible condition which in itself is a symptom of a poorly functioning CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM. ..and MAY NOT HAVE the forgiest idea they have it!

High blood pressure is not known to be a silent killer for nothing…BECAUSE IT CAN STEAL YOUR LIFE BREATH FROM YOU IN A SPLIT SECOND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT..
But the good news is…high BP is preventable as well as treatable BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT ON TIME TO SEEK PROPER MEDICAL HELP!

You cannot have blood pressure problems and relax on your oars…because it can bring a sudden attack of STROKE…or SEVERE ANGINA RELATED CHEST PAINS which can lead to eventual heart attack… which in most cases will lead to death..

My beloved late Mother was half Ashanti..from the Asante Akyem area…and half Kwahu from Obo Kwahu…and I developed so much fondness for the songs of the likes of Kofi B, Ofori Amponsah, Amakye Dede and so on in the early 2000s..NOTHWITHSTANDING THE FACT THAT I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THE SONG OF EVERY GHANAIAN MUSICIAN WHO HAVE AND CONTINUE TO DISPLAY PRODIGIOUS TALENT TO ENTERTAIN US..

May KOFI B rest in peace…my condolences to his family…and may his timeless music and beautiful songs live on…we will continue to enjoy these songs which will always remind us of what he stood for and a legacy which can only be described as one which is WORTHY OF EMULATION!

May we all start paying serious our health…as long as there is breath inside your body…there is hope to find the right solution to your condition…IF YOU SEEK HELP ON TIME FROM APPROPRIATE PLACES. Do not gamble with your life…GO FOR REGULAR HEALTH CHECKS…STOP SPENDING ALL YOUR MONEY ON MATERIAL THINGS ALONE…Because when you pay to maintain your health you have not wasted that money!



Author: Dr. R. Eghan
Nature’s Green medical centre…
Accra and London.

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