The Afrikan Estates

Then they asked me tell us about the Afrikan estates and the real estate of human life.  Ask the Afrikan if he/she has the “title deed” the 4 estates? Ask them again if they have taught their children the value of the 4 estates?

Shout out loud Farmer of Thought and prick the soul and conscience of the Afrikan child, the season is now to uproot foreign plants and replace with indigenous crops. As the rainfalls on the land, let it also rain within!
There are four issues to consider in each life/nation and success depends what we/you do at each level. It is wise to consider this debate the Farmer had in the conversations of the night:
A.  The types of land – what type of land do you have ?
B.  The season – what is the season?
C.  The quality of seed- so you have a good seed?
D.  The environment which surrounds your land – situation analysis – are you in a conducive environment ?

There are 4 types of estates you need to stand and protect – these are you Fundamental human rights:

1.  Your ground physically you land -under your feet – your wealth is in your land when it rains You have been blessed -but only if you have seed in the ground or you curse the train after you have waxed your car? You have a right to land! Every Afrikan has a right to land – no apologies ! Ask today, “where is my land”? As for men you can’t pregnant a woman before you pregnant the soil, poverty will be your middle name.

2. Your reproduction – your estate of reproduction – the estate trapped between your legs- for continuity – to nurture the seed of another man (woman) to connect the past and the future (man). For when the face is beautiful and the software (mind ) is not working the hardware (between the legs suffers). Urine for territory and seamen for posterity! You have a right to your reproduction, no government or foreign NGO should tell you about you reproduction it’s personal and private? Who wants to control Afrikan reproduction and why?

3. Your mind – your brain – you mental estate and the quality of seeds -thoughts which grow on this estate affect the three other estates. It becomes fruitless to have the first two estates when the 3rd estate (the mind) has been captured by another. Many Afrikans have leased their minds to foreign seeds (education, religion, traditions and cultures) which have fully taken over their ability to plant and indigenous seed (Thought) on their estate.  The artificial hype of fashion and emptiness goes a long way to show that the Afrikan child’s mind is fully polluted by the fungi from the European sewage tanks. You have a right to your mind, why try and manipulate our minds and force us to become European, who forces you to become Afrikan? Has the Afrikan ever manipulated you or try to control your children into circus mental Zombies?

4. The estate of the spirit – the cosmos- the spiritual realm and estate of cosmological connectivity. The cosmos (world ) without is duplicated in the world within all of us. The human being has ability to plant in the spiritual estate- and harvest from it.  This estate is sacred and key to life as it connects the human soul with the spiritual realm. The nature of life has it that you can project into this sphere as this world also projects into you.  Who is influencing you world and what diet do you expose you spirit to?

The spiritual estate : the past, the present and the future are in conference, all present and in dialogue in this realm. Time, material, is immaterial here as this world is of innovation, influence and the battle is strong over the ownership of the physical being from various spirits.

The parable of the Sower as given in Mathew 13 speaks not only of religion but addresses this critical Afrikan problem and outlines possible estates. You need to take the 4 estates above and look at the them through 4 types of soils suggested eg:
1.  When your land/ground  has become a road on which people walk on, there is a danger in your planting seeds on the road as nation will have no regard of the value of your work. Afrika secure your land and do not allow other nations to walk over your land with no regard of your hard work and precious seed Afrika do not put your investments on the road for the sparrows to feast – protect your seed- don’t feed the flying birds.
A.  When your reproduction tools (hardware between your legs) has become a road for pedestrians, no seed grows on the path, birds of the air pick up you seed to now growth and expectation!
B.  When you mind has become a road where every idea walks past you and nothing grows -except foot prints of passers by.                                                   C. When your spirit – is a highways of foreign spirit  and influences -secure spiritual estate and plug into the correct spirit

2. When your land is rocky and the seed germinates but no roots penetrate the rocks and when the sun heats the plant dries up. Are these not the political parties that promise the masses heaven and earth during the campaign and come the heat of the day their promises dry up. Their promises have no roots of truth as their stone hearts feel nothing for the masses and the poor. ( take the ground, the reproduction, the mind, the spirit and see how the rocks have affected your estate)

3. When the local government officials are chocked in meaningless competition. The Afrikan leaders are in the thickets of corruption and competition one with another instead of being productive its a display of who has bought a better farm and who drives a better car, who hires the best girls/Ben-tens in town! Public life is fake – as their appear only to manage their image. Their mouths speak what their minds and hearts have no intentions to do. They honesty is suffocated by their appetite for glamour a showbiz at the expense of the nation. (take the ground, the reproduction, the mind, the spirit and see how the rocks have affected thorns and competition on your estate)

4. When you plant a good seed/ good idea/good policy/ good emotion, at the right season, on the fertile ground (any of the 4 grounds) there is a harvest to expect.  Ask yourself at what level have you stated harvesting fruit by now you should be holding 4 types of fruit I.e the ground under your feet must give your fruit, your loins, your mind and your spiritual fruits must also manifest.

There are 2 principles to consider  the law of profits and the law of folds. Profits are a fraction of the whole as banks give us 3% on our investments as profit. Folds are a duplication of the whole, a a crown seed planted into the ground gives you a fold, you won’t harvest the one seed you planted but a maize cob full of seeds, each seed is a fold. Therefore he who gives you seeds has given you a forest. You can count the number of apples in a basket but you can’t count the number of apples in a seed.

When a nation plants its children on fertile soil, when correct education in planted into the estates of our youth, when the correct season is upon us and we convert our fertile ground into a highway of foreign tourism we squander our harvest.  Every food seed on good soil, at eight season gives a yield, some 20, some 40, some 60 and yet other 100 fold. Note that the harvest are not the same yet they all produce in folds. These are multiple streams of income, as every opportunity is utilized nations will grow their own food and eat from their own hands and land.

The farmer suggests that Afrika, nations, tribes, families and individuals consider this parable and unite to protect their land, their loins, their mind and spirit from foreign seeds , and rather work our own fields to a manifestation of a number harvest in folds! He who plants on your fields (4 of them) has the right to harvest from it! Afrika who owns and who is working of your Estates ?
I am the watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past!

Farmers of Thought
Maponga Yahshua iii Marara
KPP Svosve ChangaMbire DZimbagwe
#AIM (Afrikan Indigenous Movement)
Aim for the Afrikan estate
#UKA (United Kingdoms of Afrika)

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