The hidden dangers of inferiority complex as a mental condition

By Mo Africa Columnist: Dr Richard  Eghan

One of the most painful and saddest things you can think of anyone…is knowing that someone is suffering from low self-esteem and / or low self-worth but this person sees himself or herself to be SUPERIOR over everyone else…Sad! You will say…but many people are in that boat…and our world is in trouble because this problem is becoming ubiquitous and too common these days than you think!

Anyone born into a less privileged background or social disadvantages such as living in discouraging neighbourhoods and/ or experiencing discrimination against who he or she is..can easily develop this terrible mental condition called INFERIORITY complex. Whilst this is true in majority of cases, psychologists believe that the problem can also affect people from privileged and rich social backgrounds on a less frequency basis.

Inferiority complex being more common than what anyone can imagine…can cause and has indeed caused many problems in the lives of many…the symptoms range from low self esteem, low self-worth, hating who you are, wanting to please everyone, wanting to be better than everyone…and in extreme cases…developing a grave sense of hatred and enviness against everyone and anyone, as well as being very bitter sometimes for no apparent reason.

From the foregoing explanation, one can deduce how terrible this mental/ psychological problem is…and being so common and widespread means each one of us may be victims to a sufferer of this condition or we may have our own expression of one form the symptoms or the other…

Until I came to know and understand this condition as a medical practitioner and psychotherapist…I DID NOT KNOW THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST TERRIBLE THINGS ANYONE CAN EVER EXPERIENCE IN THIS LIFE. Permit me to say, that our world will be very safe and peaceful if we can find a way to deal with this problem..which has been humankind from time immemorial..

Inferiority complex as a human condition can be resolved if the primary or secondary cause is known and psychologically dealt with. Sometimes moving away from that poor environment, the person that tries to bring you down or the neighbourhood full of hatred and bitterness can serve as solution or catalyst to resolving the problem!

Everyone on this planet could experience or Express one symptom or the other of this problem in our daily lives…and that depends largely on the kind of people we meet, work with, associate with or the experiences we come across…but this becomes an invetrate psychopathological issue when IT BECOMES A HABITUAL THING!


By: Dr. Richard Eghan

One thought on “The hidden dangers of inferiority complex as a mental condition

  1. 👆🏽well observed, we see these behaviours in bullies who hide behind the mask of inferior complex to intimidate the people who they feel are threat to their contolling and manipulative behaviour.Now a lot of cases of abuse is Blamed on Coercieve control by partners and love ones.Their interpretation of power is to subdue everyone around them to their own distruction, unfortunately they distroy a lot of thier victims emotionally.
    Excellent piece food for thought

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