The Many Offerings of a Safari

Many tourists wish for an opportunity to visit a Kenya safari having heard of the many attractions it offers. It is reported one of the best African safaris available for one to visit. Many tourists have rated a Kenya as one of the best safari destinations in the world.


A Kenya safari holiday can be planned for at any time of the year to one’s convenient although the recommended game-viewing periods would be the winter months when it is drier; this would be during May through August months.

However, many tourists prefer the spring months which are warmer; this usually falls during September and October months. But it really depends on various factors such as schedule, holiday objective, itinerary preference, budget and group dynamics.

A safari is always available; it is up to the tourist to decide which would be the best time for a visit. Perhaps one visit would not be sufficient to fully appreciate all that a Kenya has to offer.


There are many popular itineraries for a great Kenya safari visit; these can include visiting the famous Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru. These are amazing natural beauties that have been well preserved by the Kenya authorities which also serve as the roaming spaces of the diverse wildlife found in Kenya.

From Tarangire, one can view its plentiful baobabs and acacias that are intermingled with mixed woodlands and plains. The numerous parks in a safari allow any visitor to get a closer feel to the wildlife available in Kenya.

Lake Manyara is another wonderful wildlife viewing spot in a Kenya where tree-climbing lions prowl and hunt their preys down. Ngorongoro and Serengeti regions are another two wonderful wildlife spots in a Kenya safari.

There, one can view the highlight of a safari which is the wildebeest migration as this is the primary migration route for wildebeest. These wild beasts usually migrate between Masai Mara and Serengeti annually along Grumeti River.


There is no complaint on the range of accommodations that are available at a Kenya. There is the Serengeti migration camp that is a luxury lodge located at the north of the reserve park along the wildebeest migration route. This will offer a great view of the herd migrating if one is lucky.

Another great accommodation in a safari is the Poacher’s Lookout located at a kopje to give impressive views of the Serengeti hills and Masai Mara plains.

Source by Andrew A Flintof

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