The Nonsense of Africa summits in Europe


I am deeply worried as a young African to see our leaders summoned by individual European countries as guests for Africa Summit.
I have wondered which African country will dare host European summit on Africa soil with at least five European Presidents in attendance.

It’s cheap I think for our Leaders to risk their lives and resources of their various Nations to attend empty summits in Europe.

Last week the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson quoted a proverb in Twi a Ghanaian language to emphasize how cheap and maybe useless African leaders have rendered the Continent.

The United Kingdom comes nowhere near Africa both in natural and human resources. However PM Johnson mentioned category by inference with the Akan proverb quoted that , Africa must not compare itself to Great Britain.

If Africa keep electing leaders who do respect and identify the worth and sovereignty of their various nations, we will keep making nonsense of our independence.

This underscores the reasons every ‘small’ western country which has GDP less than the GDP of Africa can just assemble all African leaders and address them in their home countries in the name of ‘Africa Summit’. We need to be serious and wise up as a continent.
It seems we elect leaders to achieve their ambitions of traveling around the world without a single objective to develop their countries.

I’m not sure if these leaders and their team of scholars have become so “useless” to realise this strong wave of neocolonialism.

Probably we should not fault some of the western leaders who have been bold and candid in telling us in the face who we really are, either ‘grave yard’ or ‘shithole’. Our leaders deserve the name calling.

In my opinion Africa is big enough to demand that ‘African summit’ should be held in Africa.

If 10 out of 15 fastest-growing economies in the world are African countries then it is time our Leaders become bold and organize Africa Summit on Africa soil. Enough of empty summits!


Source: Adamu Issifu ( Ghanaian)

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