When little drops of Peoples Power mounts… panic grips political regimes


Yesterday, before the thanksgiving ceremony of Hon. Patrick Nsamba’s father was violently disrupted, the area DPC pleaded with us to leave so that he does not lose his job! “Please save my job”, he kept saying. But we also told him that his job is to keep law and order and not to do politics for Museveni and his decadent regime. Together with other MPs and leaders, we had been invited to take part in this event and to contribute towards the building of a church. But the state would have none of that! As soon as I was invited to the stage, all hell broke loose. The DPC grabbed the microphone, declared the meeting illegal and ordered everyone to leave the grounds. Thankfully, the people of Kasanda saw first hand, the level of oppression we go through. But they also saw how much fear Museveni has of “WE THE PEOPLE.” I want to appreciate the hundreds of young Ugandans who stood their ground and refused to heed to illegal orders, until they were pushed off with force. I can smell victory in a distance. The present challenges only require us to move even faster and finish this task of liberating our country.


Author: Bobi Wine

Presidential Hopeful—Uganda

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