Why do Africans treat each other so badly sometimes?!


This is a peculiar question I keep asking myself most of the time…and I know many people do the same!

A Ghanaian visited a Ghanaian mini market somewhere in London to buy some commodities. He became very unhappy about the prices of some of the items which he thought was sold far less in other shops….and when he complained to the shopowner about the prices and the discourteous way he was treated by one of her workers…the shopowner made the situation worse by telling him to go to anywhere he can get better prices!

Wow! The man was miffed by this as you can imagine…and decided not to go quietly on this… he took a stand near the front of the Ghanaian shop and told all would- be customers..to take their custom somewhere else…and added…DON’T GO IN THERE…THEIR PRICES ARE AS BAD AS THEIR HORRIBLE ATTITUDE!

These simple but powerful words managed to drive a few customers to the shops nearby owned by some Asian traders! Then, some good ‘Samaritan’ came along…who took the trouble to ask this man…IS THIS THE BEST WAY TO SHOW YOUR ANGER AND REVENGE TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE…DO THEY HAVE TO LOSE THEIR BUSINESS AND THEIR DAILY BREAD BECAUSE YOU ARE ANGRY WITH THEM??!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe this story may sound familiar to you..you may have been treated disrespectfully in a Ghanaian or African shop before…but is it right to collapse their business with negative words…because you were UNHAPPY with their prices…and/ or their attitude towards you??! Do we have to destroy each other’s businesses because something did not go well..when we visited their shops or clinics to purchase items or services???

Many Ghanaian or African shops, businesses or clinics are collapsing because THEIR OWN PEOPLE DON’T SAY TO GOOD THINGS ABOUT THEM! ISN’T IT EVIL TO TAKE ONE’S DAILY BREAD FROM THEIR MOUTH??!

Where is our Christianity, Islam or whatever we believe in IF THIS IS THE WAY WE CAN TREAT EACH OTHER!
Should we be so surprised that African CHILDREN born in Europe, America or any where in the Western world..HATE TO IDENTIFY WITH AFRICANS FROM THE MOTHERLAND!!! Should we be so surprised they don’t feel that they belong to our communities??


It is about time we started taking each other seriously…and stop DESTROYING EACH OTHER…FOR GOD’S SAKE!


Author: Dr. R. Eghan

Mo Columnist

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